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January 16, 2014

Welcome to the new SRP Sprints web site 

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Awesome Great job need to add drivers sometime in future very nice Jim

I had to add another comment because my car number is 3

Okay my car number is #4 so I needed to chime in before all the other 4's

Looking forward to a great season of racing with this new series

the mall show is only a few days away hope to see you all soon

Looking forward to seeing you all this racing season. Good luck to all and most of all Have Fun.

hello and thank you for your sweet post, I appreciate it.

tiankongzhichengjitapu: I am so sorry to hear about your sister I know from past and future what is in store. Yes I guess it's up to them unfortunatally I talked to my granny into I was sick from it she started when she was a young girl she was born in the 1920s

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